Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Done With Medical School! (Med school photoshoot with my med school family)

So my last day of medical school fell on my birthday this year, 2015. If that isn't a great gift, I don't know what is. All I can say is thank God.

First stop, Guggenheim museum.

Onto the next site, Bethesda Terrace, NY

Now off to the Brooklyn Bridge
But first, let's take a selfie...

Very tired at this point.

Finally, the bridge

And it's a wrap!

Baking TurnUp In The Kitchen ~ Nigerian Cuisine

So, since I've been missing in action for the past two years or so, I thought I'd update what I've been baking with some of my friends. Here are the products of our fun in the kitchen. Enjoy!
1) Cake with some nice vanilla icing for Sandra on her birthday.

2) Meat pies made with butter vs shortening

3) Some good 'ol puffpuff made by Ayo

4) Home made pizza

5) Actually made this bread one Friday during Surgery rotation. 

6) Good 'ol cornbread. Made the ones in the cupcake for when I'm on the go.

7) Introducing Emy's handiwork! Perfect for our girls' night.

and Sele's birthday cake!

8) So we found that link and made our very own Easter bunny cake! Artwork by Emy of course!

9) Oatmeal cookies with some craisins. Great source of fibre and was my breakfast for a short while.

 10) Meat pies made with a little too much shortening. The crust was super-crusty, but honestly, the best crust I've had. Emy was on that minced turkey level, so we made both. 

That's all folks!